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My products are prepared in small batches using the very freshest of local ingredients to allow each component to evolve into a well-rounded mélange of flavors. The ingredients are unified by a subtle heat yet the integrity of each

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In the News

Hoss Zare´s Red Harissa is featured in the August issue of Sunset Magazine (on page 14)! “I’m thrilled that I can finally share my sauces and dressings with the people who have grown to love the quality and flavor,” says Chef Hoss

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How Season and Weather Affect the Menu

Our version of Galieh Mahi. I usually get to the restaurant in the morning.  I read the newspaper with my coffee before jumping into another long day. The other day it was cold and wet from the first

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Welcome to

Since 1996, I have showcased vegetarian-friendly sauces, glazes and dressings in my restaurants for the enjoyment of our guests and built a clientele around the recipes and menus. Our customers often asked when I was going to make my sauces and dressings available for purchase, but it wasn’t until recently that ‘technology’ caught up with my vision and allowed me to prepare, package and ship the quality products that people have grown to love.

The process has taken longer than I anticipated because of my non-traditional approach and focus on retaining a ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy regarding ingredients and small-batch preparation. I think you’ll agree that some things are worth the wait.